Waiting for number three…

I’m not a superstitious person but I am currently looking over my shoulder rather warily… One day last week, AFP’s finest Findlay Kember had a temperature of 105 and at dawn, annoyingly, started shaking like a leaf. Somewhat perturbed by this, his wife, the lovely Athing, managed to stumble in the dark to my door for assistance whereupon I went and gave him a stern talking to for disturbing us both. In the process, she managed to fracture a bone in her foot… The two patients are pictured here in their lovely room in Delhi’s Max Hospital, Saket.

... it only hurts when I laugh...
... it only hurts when I laugh...

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Hello there,

I’m Veena, a journo friend of the lovely couple. Findlay told me to check out this blog earlier today and now I know why. No, he didn’t say anything about you being an awesome photographer or anything.

I hosted them during their holiday in Sabah, Malaysia last February. They went up north and conquered Mt Kinabalu. It rained so heavily on the afternoon they left for the mountain and I was a bit worried for their safety. Alas, they came back to the city a couple of days later safe and sound, smiling and happy, spare for Athing’s sore toes. That was all. Sore toes. And that Findlay enjoyed (and finished) every dish he had during the week they were here. No damage done. At least I don’t think so.

So, forgive me if kidney infection and a fractured foot in Delhi seemed too much for me to digest at the moment. On the bright side, they look lovely as ever, probably the happiest patients I’ve ever seen so far.

Guess your blog has a new fan now 🙂

Regards from Borneo,


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