Sees shoots and leaves…

I was intrigued to find in a copy of today’s Tehelka magazine an article on Raghu Rai, the rather wonderful godfather of Indian photography, where he says that “Shooting a portrait is like making love by surprise”. Now, to be fair, the article is, as they say credited to ‘as told to Yamini Deenadayalanbut nevertheless it does strike me as profoundly daft.

Unless of course I’m doing it wrong. On both counts…

It reminds me of ‘Swiss Toni’ of the Fast Show fame – a comic character – a rather sad second-hand car salesman with a natty line in shiny suits whose metaphor for everything in life is that “It’s like making love to a beautiful woman…”. His take on making a cup of coffee is here.

Here’s a recent portrait. I did nothing more than press the shutter. Honest.

India - Delhi - a homeless rickshaw puller wakes under a bridge on a cold morning

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