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Pondicherry encore…

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013


Following yesterday’s entry with the tearsheet from the Monocle assignment, I thought I’d show some images that I was pleased with but didn’t make the final edit.

Funnily enough, I’d just shot and written another piece about French involvement in India… hundreds of miles away – a strange co├»ncidence. More on that when it’s published later in the year…



India - Pondicherry -

India – Pondicherry – Children play on the Gandhi statue along the Promenade


India -

India – Pondicherry – A woman and her two daughters in school uniform cross a Colonial street



India -

India – Pondicherry – A couple in the Botanical Gardens


India -

India – Pondicherry – A building worker asleep on a break inside the derelict Hotel du Ville that has been saved from demolition by INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage)


India -

India – Pondicherry – A French expatriate limbers up just after dawn along the Promenade


India -

India – Pondicherry – Sister Marie Stella at the Embroidery Private House, a Catholic mission that looks after underprivileged women by have them sew exquisite linens


India -

India – Pondicherry – Mr Thrukumaran, a researcher studies ancient palm leaf manuscripts in the library of the Department of Indology at the French Institute


India -

India – Pondicherry – Geraldine Humeaun, manager at the Cafe Maison Rose









Tearsheet – Monocle

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Here’s a spread from this month’s Monocle Magazine of a story I shot for them a few weeks ago in Pondicherry, the former French territory in southern India. I’ll post a couple of my favourite images from the set in a day or two.


a_france in india-1sa

a_france in india-2s

From my Delhi window…

Monday, April 1st, 2013


Glanced out of my window this afternoon and saw this chap…


India - New Delhi -

India – New Delhi – A hawk sits in a tree