From my Delhi window…


Glanced out of my window this afternoon and saw this chap…


India - New Delhi -
India – New Delhi – A hawk sits in a tree

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That partciular chap is a Black Kite, Stuart. Not surprised it was so near; they are bold birds, as with many Indian birds at home among people, and of course notorious for snatching food from hands or plates – but also performing a useful service as a scavenger (although not able to deal with carcasses and other food waste as quickly as the vultures, whose populations have been reduced by up to 99 percent across the subcontinent by the painkiller diclofenac, used to control joint pain in cattle to prolong their working life, one of the greatest recent disasters in avian conservation). Formerly also known as the Pariah Kite, it is called Cheel in Hindi and Bengali, and has many local names, such as Kalu parade (Tamil), Chakki parandu (Malayalam) and Siriun (Sind). It’s the commonest bird of prey in India, and beautiful in flight, amazingy graceful and aerobatic as it wheels and soars, twists and turns, on a constant lookout for food, avoiding tangles of wires or other potential obstructions with ease. The nests are untidy platforms of twigs, wire, rags, paper, plastic and rubbish of all description. Loved watching them on my one trip to northern India.
Hope to see you in late April here in old Harringay!

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