A website refreshed


My website’s had a bit of a refresh. The design remains essentially the same but I’ve changed some categories, some pictures and added some new stories (as well as making space for older ones).

Here’s an image of the site with a picture of an Italian priest walking through cloisters in the courtyard of a Church in Palermo.




A website update


Happy to say that I’ve updated the website to include a couple of recent assignments from Conde Nast Traveller and Monocle Magazine(s).

You can see the work here (you may need to refresh your browser)

I might post a few more images here soon of shots that didn’t make the edit…

The website also includes a refreshed Contacts section of agencies that I am currently working with.



São Tomé and Príncipe - Santo António - Children jump into the sea from the pier of the harbour
São Tomé and Príncipe – Santo António – Children jump into the sea from the pier of the harbour

A website update

I’m very pleased to announce that my website has had a refresh. There’s an improved and reordered navigation down the left hand side showcasing an updated Commercial section (that now includes images from the Non-Profit sector and imagery from recent jobs) and a restructuring of my Travel work divided into two clearer sections.

There are also some new stories in the New Work section – a set from Kashmir on the Wazwan (more about that soon) and one on the new East End.

I hope you enjoy the update(s).

The Freeman/Freedman view

I was recently interviewed by the prolific and extraordinarily talented Michael Freeman for his OCA (Open College of Arts) course as part of his featured photographer profiles. You can see the piece here or click on the image below.

Michael seems to have included a great number of my images and teased out quite a bit from my past lives as a photographer…



A website refreshed…

I’ve just completed a refresh of my website. Listening to clients it was clear that people wanted to see recent images much more often and so I’ve added a new section right at the top of the page called New Work. I’ll be updating regularly so I hope people will look in now and again.

In addition I’ve updated the Destinations section with some new images.

Here’s a screen grab. Click the image to go to the site


A new website

I’m very pleased to announce that I have a new website. Completely redesigned by the rather wonderful Stuart Smith and all at Smiths it has involved a couple of months of editing and planning. Enormous thanks to Glyn Lewis at xequalsy for his patience with the build and putting up with all my fussing…

A new, bright and clean look that (hopefully) showcases the best of my images, writing and multimedia work. The Photojournalism section (stories) has been tightened, the Corporate section expanded and a new gallery, Destinations showcases more recent stylised travel.

I hope you like it.