Mustn’t Grumble…

I was in Oxford last week interviewing the rather wonderful Janine Benyus for an article on Biomimicry. Fascinating woman and terribly helpful. I was a little early for my return train and wandered into a book shop and noticed this:

“Terrible typeface, but the picture’s sort of… hang on… it’s one of mine”. It’s an image that I took on assignment for the Telegraph travel section years ago at a fete in deepest, darkest Dorset and has been languishing, digitised and unloved in a library for years. Never appeared on a sales report or a statement. This kind of thing happens rarely but is very annoying when it does. So I’ve had to waste a bit of time this week chasing it. Funnily enough, yesterday I discovered yet another use of one of my images on a commercial blog. One swift phone call to a sheepish webmaster and it’s been removed. Now, one of the most frustrating things about the internet is that sometimes people don’t understand or care what copyright or licensing means. It seems a whole generation of people seem to think that intellectual property should be free. Well, that’s great until you are trying to make a living out of it. I frequently search for my images online just to check. It’s amazing what turns up. There are commercial programs out there that allow you to search more thoroughly and I might try some. I know that Tineye is used by a few people and I might just have a look myself.

Anyway, I just love the delicious irony that a book called ‘Mustn’t grumble’ has my picture on the cover. It’s so unlike me to moan…

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I liked this – raised a smile. And you’re right – so unlike you to have a moan.

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